Sears Appliances Sale Decreasing

Sears was always the top place to buy the best appliances sales. It has existed for decades and it always offered the best deals, however, from 2014 Sears Holdings Corp is not at the its prime time as sales are decreasing slowly but steadily. In 2014 they have announces planes that involved new marketing strategies.

The store that has always hold more 28% of appliances sales is now shutting stores and focusing in new strategies to improve the figures that has been falling for years . In an recent analyses, clients showed to prefer buying appliances at best buy because they have new brands that were well accepted by the customers.

Home Depot is another company cooperating to Sears fall, as its appliances sales are improving and they have already announced their expansion investing millions of dollars to reach more customers. Sears seems to be the only company whose shares are dropping in the market every year.

But Sears is a great fighter and in 2016 they implemented new sears appliances sale policy for discounts. They are also targeting a new young audience with off pricing and private labels offering a greater variety of products at lower costs. It will take time, but positive results have started to be seem.