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Hello! Today I’m here to tell you my story and how I, just by practicing yoga, was able to slim down and achieve the figure I had always wanted. In fact, I was twenty pounds overweight when I started doing yoga. However, my path through this practice was not as smooth as it sounds. I learned a lot of things about yoga and I learned the hard way.

So, a while ago, I was really out of shape. It was a vicious cycle in which I just couldn’t exercise due to the heaviness of my own body. So, of course, I was struggling with weight issues and body image. One day, I got tired of being a couch potato and I decided to do something to reverse this situation. However, I was not athletic at all. I needed something with which I could slim down without having to exhaust myself. That’s when the idea of practicing yoga came into my mind. I had seen that it had worked for a lot of people so, why wouldn’t it work for me?  

I did what a lot of people do. I went to generic yoga classes. However, after two months of attending the classes, I noticed zero results on my body. I mean, I felt better about myself. But not a single pound was shed. That’s when I noticed that something was wrong: I had been practicing the same yoga positions over and over up to the point in which I could perform those positions as a pro. So, I began to wonder, shouldn’t my Yoga Instructor encourage progression? I mean, shouldn’t I be practicing with more advanced exercises? 

Turns out, I was right. And that’s the problem with generic yoga lessons. Teachers tend to do the same positions over and over. Thus, your body adapts to those exercises and, therefore, you don’t shed a single pound. And, also, a huge part of the weight loss produced by yoga is due to the decrease in the Cortisol levels (stress levels) which are responsible for your weight gain. However, just by attending the studio I was dealing with stress factors such as having to drive downtown, finding a parking spot and dealing with having to exercise in front of other people.  

So, I decided that I needed something which matched my specific needs. That’s when I turned to Yoga Burn. This program helps you to achieve your specific goals as it is a customized program which you can follow from the comfort of your own home. Today I’m here encouraging to go on and check out this program. If I shed 20 pounds, you can do it too. Good luck!