Tivo App for Windows

Tivo app for Windows works better than for iOS. The information has been reported by users who claim to have experience problems when they want to send videos to a larger screen via a wireless device. However, that option will not be available for any device, as explained by Tivo. So, if you have been able to do it up to now, then prepare yourself to say goodbye to this amazing feature

In fact, this was a conscious decision which was made by the company. The Tivo APP will turn off automatically the video mirroring. If you wish to watch a video on your television, then you need to use a DVR. The decision helps other company since it will make users to pay for cable TV at other houses. Tivo will only allow you to watch old records on your Ipad, Iphone or other devices. But not on a TV.  

Also, the decision is made due to the fact that, in order to turn TIVO into a hardware which plays TV for you on your TV Set, there needs to be an agreement with cable companies which will lose a whole deal of money if users were allowed to mirror images on their TVS through wireless technology or HDMI.  

bBreaking Bad Online Alternative Ending

Breaking Bad is without a doubt one of the most succesful and awarded series of all times.  Released in 2013 by AMC, each episode of the 62 episodes divided in 5 season was full of tension, suspense and black comedy. Starring includes Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Anna Gunn, Dean Norris, Betsy Mitte, among others. It is considered a cult series as it is full of simbols and hidden messages. 

The story focuses on the sotry of Walter White, a quamistry teacher thas has been diagnosed with cancer and struggles with his financial situation. White turns to crime producing and selling crystal meth along with one former students, Jesse Pinkman, in order to provide for his family and treatment by using his chemistry knowledge and Pinkman”s contact.

The ending of the season finale was amazing unlike other season finales, but an Breaking Bad online alternative ending instantly leaked. The alternative ending shows Hal, character interpreted by Cranston in Malcom in The Middle, waking up as if it all had been a dream, recalling his nightmare to Lois. Fans liked this alternate endings and although Sony Pictures have taken it down due to copyright infringement, if you are a little bit curious  you can still find a version of it in Youtube.

Sears Appliances Sale Decreasing

Sears was always the top place to buy the best appliances sales. It has existed for decades and it always offered the best deals, however, from 2014 Sears Holdings Corp is not at the its prime time as sales are decreasing slowly but steadily. In 2014 they have announces planes that involved new marketing strategies.

The store that has always hold more 28% of appliances sales is now shutting stores and focusing in new strategies to improve the figures that has been falling for years . In an recent analyses, clients showed to prefer buying appliances at best buy because they have new brands that were well accepted by the customers.

Home Depot is another company cooperating to Sears fall, as its appliances sales are improving and they have already announced their expansion investing millions of dollars to reach more customers. Sears seems to be the only company whose shares are dropping in the market every year.

But Sears is a great fighter and in 2016 they implemented new sears appliances sale policy for discounts. They are also targeting a new young audience with off pricing and private labels offering a greater variety of products at lower costs. It will take time, but positive results have started to be seem.